Royal Trekking Tours

 K-2 base camp and Gondogoro La
A spectacular trek up the Baltoro glacier to K2 BC, then over the challenging Ghondogoro la, and down to the beautiful Hushe valley. It offers views of K2, Broad Peak, Mashabrum, GI & GII, Trango towers and Laila peak among many others
23Nights | 24Days

Spantik Base camp and Haramosh La
Drive into Arandu valley and trek upto Spantik peak base camp, continue to crossover the Haramosh La and camp at picturesque Kutwal Lake, then descend to Sassi on the Skardu-Gilgit road. The views of Mani peak and Haramosh range are mesmerizing.
17Nights | 18Days

 The Three Base Camps
The meeting of three great mountain ranges in the Northern Areas of Pakistan makes it a unique place for the trekking lovers and adventurers. The itinerary is designed to reach the Base Camps of the three peaks Nanga Parbat in Himalayas, Rakaposhi in Karakorums and Trich Mir in Hindukush.
23Nights | 24Days

 Around Nanga Parbat
Nanga Parbat lies in the West of Great Himalayas offering unique landscape for trekkers. This trek circuits around the 8125 m, Nanga Parbat and reveals its grandeur in the way it deserves. Crossing the Mazeno Pass is the sensational climax of this adventure.
17Nights | 18Days

 The Patundas Pass – Passu to Batura
Patundas is a summer pasture above 4000m on a ridge between Passu and Batura glaciers. The trek starts from the beautiful Borit lake and continue along the Passu glacier, crossing over the Patundas pass the trek continues across Batura glacier with views of Shisper, Passu peak and Batura range. Standing on top of the pass is like standing in the museum of mountains
14Nights | 15Days
Biafo-Hispar Snow lake Trek
A classic trek up the Biafo glacier, Snow lake and Simkiang glacier then over the challenging Hispar La pass and down to the beautiful Nagar valley, with Views of Bainthabrak, Ogree,Latok groups and others.
21Nights | 22Days

 Fairy Meadows and Gondogoro La
Drive along the Indus on Karakorum highway to Raikot and trek to Fairy Meadows, return and continue to Skardu for trek upto Gondogoro-La through Hushe Valley. The trek is designed to get best views of all 5, Eight Thousanders in Pakistan. Nanga Parbat, K-2, Broad Peak, G-I and GII
17Nights | 18Days

 Trekking along the Karakorum Highway
Trek to Fairy Meadows for views of Nanga Parbat then to Tagafri and Katcheli for a closer look of Rakaposhi and Diran peak and later trek upto Patundas pass gives one the opportunity to view all the 7000m peaks around Hunza.
17Nights | 18Days

 Panoramic Hunza
A week long walking experience in the Panoramic valleys of Hunza to discover the reason of the longevity of its inhabitants. Enjoy the local food and learn the customs of people of Hunza by visiting a Local House. The day hikes are rewarded with views of Ultar peaks, Lady finger, Rakaposhi, Shisper, Passu peak, and many others around Hunza
13Nights | 14Days
Masherbrum & K-7 Base Campss
A specially designed trip to the remote wilderness in Eastern Karakorums. An easy trek to the Base Camp of the majestic Masherbrum (7821m) towering over Hushe valley and then to K-6 / K-7 base camp.
17Nights | 18Days

Along Baltoro to K-2 Base Camp
The classical trek along Baltoro to the K-2 Base camp offers spectacular views of Trongo Towers, Broad Peak, K-2, Mashabrum, GI & GII, and Laila peak among many others.
21Nights | 22Days

Karakorum-Hindukush Experience
This trek along the Wakhan Corridor starts from Ishkoman in Karakorums and goes through the unspoiled lush green Kurramber valley. It Crosses over the pass into Chitral valley and down to Mastuj. Visit of Kalash is among the highlights of this tour.
17Nights | 18Days

 Trek to Rashphari Lake
The trek starts at the Hopper village of Nagar and crosses over the Hopper and Barpu glaciers to reach the mesmerizing Rush lake. A free day allows you to climb the Rush peak above 5000m. The views of Golden peak, Caple’s dome and Ultar etc are the highlight of this trek.
13Nights | 14Days